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Saint Patrick's Church Beenleigh

Parish Information

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Subin Thomas  | After Hours Contact:  07 32875168
Parish Location: 24 Tobruk Street, Beenleigh, Qld 4207
Postal Address: PO Box 84, Beenleigh QLD 4207
Office Hours: Mon - Fri from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Contact Numbers: Telephone: (07) 32872282 / 32875633 | Fax: (07) 32872472

Mass / Service Times

Monday:  7 am  Mass | Tuesday:  7 am Mass | Wednesday:  7 pm Mass
Thursday: 7 am Mass | Friday: 7 am Mass/Benediction  & Every First Friday 9:00am Anointing Mass
Saturday: 8 am  Mass | 5 pm Reconciliation | 6 pm Mass

Sunday:  7 am Mass | 9 am Mass | 6pm Mass

Your prayers are asked for all of the following: FOR THE SICK:

May they feel the Lord’s healing touch.

Aileen Allen, Nanette Bachmann, Graeme Becker, Carolyn Becker, Vincent Brandsen, Bernard Brett, Ann Campsie, Ritha Donnelly, Janice Eather, Jeffrey Graver, Patricia Gurney, Mary Hall, Ben Hall, Baby Elijah Harrigan, Jean Harrigan, Robert Harrigan, Val Hintz, Henk Janson, Allanah Langton, Sam Leornadi, Jan Maksimas, Ruth Mar-shall, Lani Matulino, Sean McGrath, Moya McKeon, Dennis Rose, Wendy Salter, Greg Stacey, Jodie Taylor, Kallum Topp, Kev Topp, Peter Topp, Laurie Topp, Dulcie Urgh, Marcella Van de Vorstenbosch, Vicente Velasco Jr, Joy Worland, Elizabeth Yip, Google Zillionoro.

Prayers are also requested for the following nursing home residents at Beenleigh, Pimpama, Bethania Gardens, Jimbelunga—Eagleby, Connolly Court, Palm Lake, Jeta Gardens and Woodbeck Village.

RECENTLY DECEASED: Brian O’Neil, Myrna Marcelo, Patricia Kennedy


Please call the Parish Office to have names placed on any of the lists above or to remove someone who is now well.



Confirmation: On the 27th August 15 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was a very special and prayerful evening for the children and their families led by Vicar General Monsignor Peter Meneely and Fr Subin. Please continue to pray for the children as they start to prepare for First Holy Communion in 2021, when they will be fully initiated into the Church.

First Holy Communion 2020: The children of the Parish that received Confirmation in 2019 will begin to prepare for First Holy Communion at the Rite of Enrolment at each Mass on 5/6 September. Please continue to support these families through prayer on their faith journey to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.

Reconciliation is available by appointment until restrictions ease. Contact the Parish Priest to make an appointment by calling 3287 5168.

Weekend Masses: If you would like to attend weekend Masses you can print your details on the sign on sheets in the Church or phone the parish office Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

St. Vincent de Paul Conference Beenleigh

Vinnies House: As previously advised, the St Patrick's Conference Help Centre has been closed due to pandemic restrictions. It was our intention to reopen on Monday, 31August. Because of recent virus outbreaks, we will remain closed until further notice.

Anyone needing assistance during these trying times MUST ring the helpline number: 1800 846 643

Winter Appeal: The final total for our Winter Appeal is $2487. THANKYOU !!! THANKYOU !!!

Dear parishioners,
With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions we have returned to our normal Mass schedule (see front of newsletter for Mass times). However, in line with the Govern-ment’s social distancing guidelines, we are allowed a maximum of 100 people in at-tendance at each Mass (including the Priest and any ministers).
If you would like to attend a Mass over the coming weeks you can obtain a ticket from the Church Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday’s 8:30am - 11:00am or after each Mass on the weekend. If you are unable to obtain a ticket for your preferred Mass it means that the allocation has been exhausted and we encourage you to reg-ister for another available Mass.
When arriving at the Church there are 2 entrances one on the carpark side and the other through the Trueslon room. Give the marshal your ticket and write your name and contact number on the sheet provided. To help allow this process move quickly it is suggested to arrive at the church 15-20 mins prior to Mass starting.
Fr Subin Thomas PP
The Church will be open for private prayer Mon - Fri 7:30am & 11:00am & Sat 8:30am - 11:00am. Visitors must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit. Occupancy of the space will need to be monitored at all times by a designated marshal. As regulated by the government, the designated marshal will record the name, address, phone num-ber and time of visit for each visitor as a protection to assist with contact tracing if necessary.

Parish Youth News

Because of the changing nature of circumstances, I’ve decided to make our Youth News about what we’ve done, not what we’re planning to do. For those who are on my texting list, I’ll keep you updated about plans and/or changes to plans. If you are not on my list, but would like to be, just give me a call on 0400 494 943.

Last Saturday, some of our young people (and a few parents) had a lovely day at Marian Valley. Fr Subin celebrated Mass with us in the bush at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. Those of us who stayed for the whole day were treated to a beautiful glittery display by the fireflies in the evening. The weather was pretty windy but we managed to not get blown off the mountain when we went for our hike 🙂 If you’ve never been to Marian Valley, I highly recommend it!

On Thursday night, some of our band members provided music for 2 lovely celebrations of Confirmation in our Parish. Congratulations to all the children who were confirmed. May the Holy Spirit be your inspiration for all of your life!

Cathy 0400 494 943

Weekly Reflection

Liturgy of the Word
Communion Rite
The Communion Rite follows the Eucharistic Prayer, leading the faithful to the Eucharistic ta-ble. The rite begins with the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus taught this prayer to his disciples when they asked how to pray (cf. Mt 6:9-13, Lk 11:2-4). In this prayer, the people join their voices to pray for the coming of God’s kingdom and to ask God to provide for our needs, forgive our sins, and bring us to the joy of heaven. The Rite of Peace follows. The celebrant prays that the peace of Christ will fill our hearts, our families, our Church, our communities, and our world. As a sign of hope, the people extend to those around them a sign of peace.
In the Fraction Rite, the celebrant breaks the consecrated bread as the people sing the Agnus Dei or “Lamb of God.” John the Baptist proclaimed Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (Jn 1:29). The action of breaking the bread recalls the actions of Jesus at the Last Supper, when he broke the bread before giving it to his disciples. One of the earliest names for the Eucharistic celebration is the breaking of the bread (Lk 24:35; Acts 2:42, 46).
Before receiving Holy Communion, the celebrant and assembly acknowledge their unworthi-ness to receive so great a gift. The celebrant receives Holy Communion first and then the peo-ple come forward. Those who receive Holy Communion should be prepared to receive so great a gift. They should fast (except for medicines) for at least one hour before receiving the Eucharist and should not be conscious of having committed serious sin.
Because sharing at the Eucharistic Table is a sign of unity in the Body of Christ, only those in communion with the Catholic Church may receive Holy Communion. To invite others present to receive Holy Communion implies a unity which does not exist. Those who do not receive Holy Communion still participate in this rite by praying for unity with Christ and with each other.
The people approach the altar and, bowing with reverence, receive Holy Communion. People may receive the Body of Christ either on the tongue or in the hand. The priest or other minis-ter offers the Eucharist to each person saying, “The Body of Christ.” The person receiving re-sponds by saying, “Amen,” a Hebrew word meaning, “So be it” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2856).
All may spend some time in silent prayer of thanksgiving as well. The Communion Rite ends with the Prayer after Communion which asks that the benefits of the Eucharist will remain active in our daily lives.
Last week Peter was the rock foundation on which the church was built. This week Peter is an obstacle to God’s plan. Last week Peter was called blessed. This week Peter is called Satan. The truth is Peter is both—both foundation and obstacle, both blessed and seriously flawed.
Peter is both. So are we. We are all a mixture of gifts and deficiencies, talents and liabilities, blessings and flaws. And the sooner we accept this truth about ourselves, the sooner we can get on with living. The truth is that we often delude ourselves into imagining that God is looking for perfect disciples. God is not looking for perfect people. God is looking for real people. Real people often make mistakes and frequently fall short. This is what happened to Peter, and yet the good news is that despite his shortcomings and failures, Peter remained a disciple and ultimately served the Church. Peter continued to serve, and so should we.
To put this in another way: none of our failings or shortcomings can be an excuse for us not to follow Christ. Imperfect as we are, we are still called to be disciples. We are not perfect spouses. We argue; we hurt; sometimes we do not listen. But none of these shortcomings is an excuse to stop honouring the vows we exchanged on our wedding day. We are not perfect parents. We are impatient, demanding, and sometimes selfish. But none of these flaws is an excuse by which we can avoid guiding and caring for the lives of our children which have been entrusted to us. We are not perfect friends. We can be judgmental, jealous, and inflexible. But none of these flaws is an excuse to stop us from trying to keep the relationships that God has given us alive.
God has no illusions. God knows who we are and all of our failings. Yet, God still calls us to love, to forgive, and to grow. If Peter, whom Jesus called Satan, could go on to be the foundation of the Church, then, even with all of our failings, we can still be the disciples Christ calls us to be.

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Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy As a group we gather in the MacKillop Room, listen to the gospel, sing the Alleluia and discuss what it all means for us as followers of Jesus in 2015. We usually respond to the word in a number of ways- using drama, mediation, song, drawing and creating in a meaningful way. We conclude with Prayers of the Faithful, often sharing our own prayers from the heart with each other. We often receive more spiritual wisdom from the children than that from a lot of adults!!




Sacramental Program 

St Patrick’s Parish Beenleigh Sacrament Program Dates 2017

First Holy Communion

Parent Formation/Information 6.30pm Monday, 24th April

Rite of Enrolment Weekend of 6th and 7th May

Presentation of Lord’s Prayer Weekend of 20th and 21st May

Family Barbecue 6pm Thursday, 8th June

Family Session with Elizabeth, Carole 6.30-8pm Thursday, 8th June

Celebrating God’s Mercy 2nd Rite of Penance Tuesday 13th June

First Holy Communion Weekend of 17th and 18th June

Parish celebration cake? Weekend of 24th and 25th June?

School holidays

School Holidays Activity Day Alive in the Spirit Friday, 30th June



Your Prayers Are Requested For

The Sick:  Gary Battle, Graeme Becker, Carolyn Becker, Sofia Birch, Rosario Burgos, Billiie Fiscalini, Peter Fiscalini, Debbie Chambers, Priscilla Gabriel, Jeffrey Graver, Val Hintz, Mary Hall, Ben Hall, Mary Harrigan, Roy Hull, Brenda Humberstone, Arthur French, Dominga Kennedy, Peter Katsadores, Neil Kajewski, Mary Kolosowski, Steve Leibinger, Vicki Leibinger, Ruth Marshall, Jill Palmer, Carol Robertson, Paul Russell, Gavin Stewart, Rubeth Samuelsen, Jodie Taylor, Helen Topp, Kev Topp, Joe Topp, Peter Topp, Kallum Topp, Neil Wright, Googal Zillionoro Prayers are also requested for the following nursing home residents at Beenleigh, Pimpama, Bethania Gardens, Jimbelunga—Eagleby, Connolly Court, Palm Lake, Jeta Gardens and Woodbeck Village.

Announcements & Reminders

Catholics “Come Alive” Seminar 22,23 & 24th September 2017. St Patrick’s Church. To book contact Mary McGrath 0402 859 396

Catholic lay apostolate, Aneel  Aranha will be speaking at the Church 7pm Thursday 14th September 2017.


28th July, in the School Hall. Tickets are now on sale at all Masses.

Safeguarding Policy

Our parish has implemented the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy. We are committed to high standards of recruitment, screening and selection of all of our employees and volunteers and undertake intentional strategies to maintain a safe and healthy ministry environment for all.  If you are a volunteer reader, Eucharistic Minister etc. and have not received a Volunteer Data Form and the Code of Ethical Behaviour, please contact the parish office.

Young Adults Meetings

Young Adults meetings every Wednesday night (except the 2nd Wednesday of the month) in the Church from 7.30 – 8.45 (after 7pm Mass). Depending on the night, it may include prayer and praise, discussion, Scripture and Church teaching. If you’re in your late teens, twenties or thirties you will be very welcome!


Band Practice 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights from 7-8.30pm in the office. No practice on Anzac Day this week. Call Cathy 0400 494 943 or email



Sacramental Program 

St Patrick’s Parish Beenleigh Sacrament Program Dates 2017


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