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Weekly Reflection

Today we hear the story of Jesus’ first miracle at Cana in Galilee. The message of this miracle runs contrary to the grain. If we see the wedding celebration as a metaphor for our life, this story tells us that the good wine is served at the end. It is not what we expect, and the story does not hold back from asserting it. The headwaiter tells the bridegroom, “Everyone serves the good wine first, but you have saved the good wine until last.” Now the point of this miracle is not to say that being old is better than being young or that any one period of life is better than the other. But by pulling against the grain this miracle reminds us that in every period of our lives God is committed to us and intends to bless us. Our God is not only the God of the young, the hopeful, and the strong. Our God is also the God of the elderly and the wise and the frail. Because God is committed to us at every time and place, we can expect God to bless us even in our advancing years. This miracle is not asking us to pretend that it is always wonderful being old. When we’re dealing with arthritis, when we are ready for bed at 9:30, when we have to let go of companions with whom we have shared a lifetime, who would not wish to turn back the clock? What this miracle story teaches is that we should not stop saying that or believing that as we advance in years. God is with us always. The danger of aging is that we might start to believe that the Gospel no longer applies to us. It applies to us then more than ever. Even as the arc of life says that we are on the decline, God’s commitment to us is as high as ever. Even though our hearing fails, God is still speaking. If we commit ourselves to listen, we can find blessings in unexpected places. We can discover that the wine God gives us in the last decades of life is no substandard vintage. The wine that God gives us then is—as always—the best wine that God has to offer.

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Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy As a group we gather in the MacKillop Room, listen to the gospel, sing the Alleluia and discuss what it all means for us as followers of Jesus in 2015. We usually respond to the word in a number of ways- using drama, mediation, song, drawing and creating in a meaningful way. We conclude with Prayers of the Faithful, often sharing our own prayers from the heart with each other. We often receive more spiritual wisdom from the children than that from a lot of adults!!




Sacramental Program 

St Patrick’s Parish Beenleigh Sacrament Program Dates 2017

First Holy Communion

Parent Formation/Information 6.30pm Monday, 24th April

Rite of Enrolment Weekend of 6th and 7th May

Presentation of Lord’s Prayer Weekend of 20th and 21st May

Family Barbecue 6pm Thursday, 8th June

Family Session with Elizabeth, Carole 6.30-8pm Thursday, 8th June

Celebrating God’s Mercy 2nd Rite of Penance Tuesday 13th June

First Holy Communion Weekend of 17th and 18th June

Parish celebration cake? Weekend of 24th and 25th June?

School holidays

School Holidays Activity Day Alive in the Spirit Friday, 30th June



Your Prayers Are Requested For

The Sick:  Gary Battle, Graeme Becker, Carolyn Becker, Sofia Birch, Rosario Burgos, Billiie Fiscalini, Peter Fiscalini, Debbie Chambers, Priscilla Gabriel, Jeffrey Graver, Val Hintz, Mary Hall, Ben Hall, Mary Harrigan, Roy Hull, Brenda Humberstone, Arthur French, Dominga Kennedy, Peter Katsadores, Neil Kajewski, Mary Kolosowski, Steve Leibinger, Vicki Leibinger, Ruth Marshall, Jill Palmer, Carol Robertson, Paul Russell, Gavin Stewart, Rubeth Samuelsen, Jodie Taylor, Helen Topp, Kev Topp, Joe Topp, Peter Topp, Kallum Topp, Neil Wright, Googal Zillionoro Prayers are also requested for the following nursing home residents at Beenleigh, Pimpama, Bethania Gardens, Jimbelunga—Eagleby, Connolly Court, Palm Lake, Jeta Gardens and Woodbeck Village.

Announcements & Reminders

Catholics “Come Alive” Seminar 22,23 & 24th September 2017. St Patrick’s Church. To book contact Mary McGrath 0402 859 396

Catholic lay apostolate, Aneel  Aranha will be speaking at the Church 7pm Thursday 14th September 2017.


28th July, in the School Hall. Tickets are now on sale at all Masses.

Safeguarding Policy

Our parish has implemented the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy. We are committed to high standards of recruitment, screening and selection of all of our employees and volunteers and undertake intentional strategies to maintain a safe and healthy ministry environment for all.  If you are a volunteer reader, Eucharistic Minister etc. and have not received a Volunteer Data Form and the Code of Ethical Behaviour, please contact the parish office.

Young Adults Meetings

Young Adults meetings every Wednesday night (except the 2nd Wednesday of the month) in the Church from 7.30 – 8.45 (after 7pm Mass). Depending on the night, it may include prayer and praise, discussion, Scripture and Church teaching. If you’re in your late teens, twenties or thirties you will be very welcome!


Band Practice 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights from 7-8.30pm in the office. No practice on Anzac Day this week. Call Cathy 0400 494 943 or email



Sacramental Program 

St Patrick’s Parish Beenleigh Sacrament Program Dates 2017


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